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Have You Been Job Searching for Months? Here Are Some Tips!

Millions of Americans lost their jobs during the Coronavirus pandemic. And according to a Pew Research Center report, half of those individuals were still unemployed as of September 2020. Are you one of those people who has been job searching for months? Use these tips to push through.

Tips for Finishing an Extended Job Hunt

Don’t Give Up

Understandably, many companies put hiring on hold during the COVID-19 crisis. As a result, you probably feel frustrated that your job-hunting efforts haven’t paid off. However, with the recent approval of a vaccine, the end of the pandemic should be near. Therefore, NOW is the time to ramp up your efforts. As life slowly returns to normal, businesses will start adding employees. So, all that practice you’ve had searching the job boards, sending resumes, and writing cover letters should finally pay off.

Set Aside Time for Your Job Hunt

To keep yourself focused, devote an hour or so to your employment search EVERY day. Even if the job boards are coming up empty, work on another part of the process. Update your LinkedIn profile, study successful interview techniques, or research companies where you may wish to apply. This way when an opportunity does show up, you’ll be ready to go.

Stay Busy with Other Activities

Although your employment search should be top-of-mind, dedicating every free moment to job hunting will be exhausting as well as counterproductive. Put in your required time, and then find something else to do. Add an exercise program to your daily routine, volunteer every week at a local food pantry, take on a part-time or temporary role and/or enroll in an online class. Staying busy will boost your mood and keep you motivated. Plus, you can use things like volunteer work, temporary positions, and online courses to build your resume in many situations.

Continue Networking Virtually

Most in-person events were canceled during the past few months, but you can still network virtually. Use your allocated job-hunting time or your free time to expand your network. With so many people going online only, this is a fantastic opportunity to make connections without geographic limitations. Look for professional groups on social media sites like Facebook and LinkedIn. Then, post comments and join the conversations. Not only will you be highlighting your expertise but also widening your job search.

Connect with a Staffing Firm

Job hunting can be difficult and demoralizing under the best of circumstances, and this isn’t the best of circumstances. But guess what? You don’t have to search alone. Professional recruiters always are looking for talented and reliable candidates. They can match you with the right-fit opportunities and help you get your foot in the door. Plus, since staffing firms charge companies NOT candidates, you can work with a recruiter for FREE. It’s certainly worth a try!

After Job Searching for Months… Are You Ready to LAND a Job?

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