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4 Tips to Sell Yourself In Your Next Interview

Landing an interview is exciting, but this is only the first step. To receive a job offer, you need to go beyond your resume. Follow these four tips to sell yourself in your next interview. 

Research the Company

Companies want people, especially potential employees, to love them. Knowing about a company is one of the best ways to display your interest and enthusiasm. And, as a bonus, you’ll look well-informed and prepared. Before the interview, do your homework. Visit the organization’s website and social media channels, check out their online ratings, and search for recent new stories. Then, use this information to show precisely why you would be a good match.  

Make a Great First Impression

Like it or not, first impressions matter. Research shows people make snap judgments about things such as trustworthiness, competence, and likeability within fractions of a second. And, those judgments tend to stick. Therefore, plan to sell yourself from the moment you walk in the room. Arrive on time or a little early. Pay close attention to your grooming and interview outfitMaintain eye contact. Act confident and friendlyWatch your body languageAnd, of course, smile.  

Tell Stories

People give vague responses during interviews, such as, “I love working on teams,” or “I’m a strong leader.” Unfortunately, these types of statements are both meaningless and forgettable. Instead, prepare to give specific examples showing how you have displayed certain traits and skillsFor instance, you could detail your experiences working on a successful team or tell about a time you took on a leadership role. And, whenever possible, back up your stories with facts, figures, and data. 

Be Genuine

You’ll need to self-promote during an interview. However, don’t go overboard. You want to look confident without bragging or exaggerating. Keep in mind; the interviewers called you because they liked your application. Pretending to be something you aren’t is bound to backfire. Either you won’t land the job because you seem insincere. Or, you will land the job only to discover you are underqualified and unhappy. Market your skill set while also honestly describing your abilities.   

Are You Hoping to Sell Yourself in Your Next Interview?

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