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Big Interview Coming Up? Here’s How to Boost Your Confidence Beforehand

For most of us, interviews are stressful. After all, you need to make a great first impression, sell your skills, prove your worth and get the job. No pressure, right? 

Although this sounds anxiety inducing, you don’t have to let your nerves get the best of you. Use these five tricks to ace your next interview … with confidence. 

Don’t Waste Time on Worst-Case Scenarios 
When you land an interview, you’re first thoughts may be, “What could go wrong?” Or, “How will I mess this up?” Imagining nightmare scenarios may inspire your creativity, but it won’t help you interview better. Focus your energy on preparation and practice instead.        

Do Your Homework
One of the best ways to boost your confidence is to be prepared. This will take time and be lot of work. But, knowing your stuff will allow you to feel more comfortable and make you look like a better candidate.  

Before the interview, complete the following: 

      • Revisit the job description and highlight important points; 
      • read through the company website; 
      • visit and browse the organization’s social media pages; 
      • search online for articles about current company news and events; 
      • if you know someone at the organization, talk to them about what it’s like to work there; and 
      • write down 15 to 20 possible interview questions.

Practice, Practice, Practice
Now that you have an idea of what the interviewer might ask, you can rehearse your answers. Start by jotting down notes. (Avoid writing down and memorizing exact responses as this makes you look robotic.) Next, answer the questions out loud and in front of a mirror. You’ll feel awkward at first but listening to your own voice will improve your responsesFinally, ask your family and/or friends to give you mock interviews. You’ll get extra practice as well as feedback.  

Consider Interview Coaching
If you’ve done the first three steps and you’re still a nervous wreck, you may benefit from professional interview coaching. Many staffing firms and employment agencies offer these services for free; others charge a small fee. Either way, a seasoned recruiter will be able to provide expert advice so you can overcome your fears. 

Recognize Job Interviews for What They Are
Remember, job interviews have two primary purposes. 1) The company wants to know if you are right for the job; and, 2) You want to know if this job and this company are the right for you. That’s it. Interviews are NOT a once in a lifetime Pass/Fail event. Sometimes you will do everything within your power and, for reasons beyond your control, still not land the job. So, take the pressure off. Look at each interview as a learning opportunity rather than your last and only chance.      


Are Interviews Stressing You Out?

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