Hit A Homerun With These Interview Tricks

You have an interview coming up, and you’d like to give a winning performance. So, what can you do to stay in the game? Hit a homerun with these interview tricks!

Top Interview Tricks to Land a Job

Pay Attention to First Impressions

Did you know an interviewer decides what they think of you in less than seven seconds? That’s right. You’ve hardly had a chance to say “Hello,” and the odds are already stacked for or against you. This may seem unfair, but unfortunately, it’s part of human nature. Therefore, to give yourself an immediate advantage, pay close attention to YOUR first impression. To start, keep in mind, appearance matters! Make sure you are well-groomed and dressed appropriately. Additionally, display confidence (but not overconfidence), act friendly, maintain eye contact, and of course, smile!

Do Your Homework

Employers want you to be excited about their company. And showing you know something about the organization reinforces your enthusiasm. Luckily with the internet, it’s easier than ever to gather information. Visit the business’s website, check out their social media feeds, and/or search online for press releases. Mentioning something as simple as a recent award or a new product line will have a positive effect.

Practice Interview Questions

Researching and rehearsing commonly asked interview questions also makes you look on top of your game. Begin by revisiting the job description and making a list of necessary skills and requirements. Then, work to include these qualifications into your responses, so you sound like the perfect candidate. Finally, practice out loud with a friend or in front of a mirror. You’ll probably feel awkward, but these rehearsals allow you to polish and perfect your answers.

Find a Connection

Interviewers are hoping to hire people who work well within their company culture. Thus, uncovering something you have in common with the interviewer(s) may suggest you are an even better fit. Search for connections around the office or facility. Did someone attain the same training program or college as you? Is anybody a fan of your favorite sport or sports team? Or do you know someone who’s already employed there? Any of these links will help you build rapport with your new potential co-workers.

Write a Post-Interview Thank You Note

To add one last point to your interview performance, send a thank you note. Since only a fourth of hiring managers receive thank you letters, this is a fantastic way to stand out from the crowd. Try to follow up within 24 hours, but not immediately. (Remember, you’re excited but not desperate.) If writing thank you notes isn’t your top skill, use these post-interview thank you templates as a guide.

Are You Looking for More Strategies to Score Big in Your Next Interview?

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