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64% of Job Seekers Agree That Job Seeking Is Stressful

In a 2021 Job Seeker Nation Report, Jobvite surveyed 1,500 adults in the U.S. Not surprisingly, 64% of those interviewed agreed job seeking is more stressful than before the pandemic. So, what can your organization do to make the process a little bit better?

Current Issues Contributing to Job Seeking Stress

  • Health Concerns
    Even with widespread vaccination efforts, some people still are worried about getting sick. This is particularly true in industries where individuals have lots of contact with customers and/or work in crowded spaces. Before applying, candidates will want to know how your company handled COVID and what safety measures currently are in place.
  • Mental Health
    Between uncertainty, business/school closures and social isolation, the pandemic took a toll on mental health. Many people are exhausted from juggling challenging situations while receiving limited outside help. Adding a job search to the equation only piles on more pressure.
  • Children at Home
    For over a year, the United States lost the stability of schools. Some districts went full remote while others resorted to hybrid schedules. However, in both cases, working parents were left scrambling to provide childcare that also included educational support. As a result, people are focused, more than ever, on how they can balance their job and their family life.

Ways Your Company Can Improve the Process

  • Provide an Easy Application Process
    Of course, you want enough information to evaluate potential employees. Thus, resumes, cover letters and portfolios are common. But… do you truly need applicants to fill out those additional 20 questions. Also, think about how candidates send in their paperwork. Can they submit with the click of a button? Or do they need to navigate through multiple (and possibly unnecessary) steps? Keep in mind, anything that makes applying more difficult has the potential to chase people away.
  • Communicate
    A candidate just submitted their application. So, do they know what happens next? Or do they even know IF you received their paperwork? Keeping individuals informed from the moment you see their application to the final decision, makes everyone’s life less stressful. Rather than worrying about what might happen, applicants can focus on whether this is the right job for them. And ultimately, this allows you to hire better employees too.
  • Provide Flexibility
    In the current work environment, most employees require a bit of flexibility. Therefore, show how your organization is willing to work around individual’s needs starting with the interview process. Instead of scheduling a meeting tomorrow morning at 8:00 sharp, give options. Let applicants to choose from multiple days and time slots and/or offer virtual interviews. You’ll not only make your candidate’s lives easier but also build confidence in your company’s work/life balance policies.

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