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Wanting a Closer Work Commute? Now Is Your Time!

Workers often complain about their commute. So, do you know you long YOU are on the road? Let’s say you have a 1-hour round-trip to/from work. That adds up to 5 hours per week or 260 hours per year. And if you do the math, 260 hours is just under 11 days! Would you like to get those hours back? Now’s the time to consider a closer work commute!

The Top Benefits of a Closer Work Commute

  • Gain Time
    Of course, the biggest advantage of a shorter commute is more time. Instead of sitting in your car, think of what you can do with those additional hours. Spend time with your family, exercise, relax, catch up on errands, and more.
  • Save Money
    According to The Washington Post, the average cost of driving a car is around $0.59 per mile. This includes financing, insurance, licensing, registration, taxes, maintenance, repairs, and gas. Therefore, if you’re driving 60 miles both ways, you’re spending $35.40 daily, $177 weekly, and $9,204 yearly! Even if you cut your driving time in half, you’ll be saving thousands of dollars.
  • Reduce Stress
    Fighting through traffic and dealing with poor driving conditions increases your stress levels. You may not be able to eliminate all these factors. Yet, decreasing your driving time by as little as 10 or 20 minutes a day could make a significant impact.
  • Maintain a Healthier Lifestyle
    Having more time gives you more time for YOU. With your extra 30 or 60 minutes each day, you could get more sleep, exercise, and/or fix healthier meals. Plus, if you live close enough, you may decide to walk or bike to work for even more health benefits.

Why NOW Is a Smart Time to Look for a Closer Work Commute

When the pandemic hit, unemployment soared, and people worried about their future job prospects. However, as life is slowly returning to normal, many businesses are facing another challenge. They can’t find enough workers. This worker shortage appears to be caused by a combination of factors, including health concerns, unemployment benefits, and limited child care. So, if you’re thinking about a new job or a different opportunity, the current market probably will be in your favor.

How to Find a Job with a Shorter Commute

  • Look Around Your Neighborhood
    Help Wanted signs seem to be popping up across America. Drop by a local business of interest and see if they’re hiring. Or, if you’re online, limit your search to your nearby area. Most job boards offer this feature.
  • Ask About Remote Work
    Many companies who never considered work-from-home alternatives went full remote during the pandemic. As a result, they may continue to be open to part or full-time work-from-home options. Getting rid of your commute a few days per week still could translate into considerable time, money, and health savings.

Are You Searching for a Job That’s Closer to Home?

Halpin Staffing Services would be happy to help! Our recruiters place talented employees with top companies throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois. Browse our available openings and discover your next job-with-a-short-commute today!



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