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Top Ranking Ways Job Seekers Are Finding Out About Job Openings

You need workers! So, where’s the best place to advertise? As part of their 2021 Job Seeker Nation Report, Jobvite surveyed 1,500 adults in the U.S. According to their rankings, here are the top ways job seekers are finding out about job openings.

Top Places Job Seekers Are Finding Job Openings in 2021

Online Job Boards – 60%

Today, online job boards have replaced the old-style Help Wanted ads. Most people are familiar with popular brands like Indeed, Glassdoor, Monster, SnagaJob, and ZipRecruiter. However, there are smaller niche sites for employers seeking specialized talent too. (Check out this Ultimate List of Job Boards to view all the possibilities.) Generally, job boards are easy to use and reach a large audience. On the other hand, this also means you’ll face more competition. Additionally, if you don’t write your job descriptions carefully, you may not attract the best candidates. Finally, although many job boards charge employers a fee, there are some free job posting sites as well.

Social Media – 44%

Social media isn’t just for keeping in touch with friends. People search for jobs on social too. Some sites, like LinkedIn and Facebook, have dedicated job posting platforms. Or you could simply add a “We’re Hiring” post to your business’s feed. This tactic is particularly effective for recruiting passive candidates. Social media users usually aren’t solely focused on job hunting, but if they see your ad, you may capture their attention.

Through Friends – 35%

Referrals can be a wonderful addition to any recruiting program. Since referral candidates know someone at your company, they tend to be better culture fits. Many organizations encourage employees to participate by offering employee referral bonuses. Nevertheless, be careful not to overuse this method as it could interfere with your diversity efforts.

Employer’s Career Site – 26%

Your company probably has a website, so don’t forget to use it to highlight job openings. Even though your career site won’t have the reach of a job board, it often attracts higher-quality candidates. If someone is visiting your website, chances are, they are already interested in your organization.

Through Professional Contacts – 24%

People discover job openings not only through their friends, but also through their professional contacts. Therefore, be sure to expand your referral program to both groups.

Now you know where candidates are searching. So, which method makes the most sense for your organization? The best strategy is a combination of all five. For example, you could encourage your employees to share a Facebook “Help Wanted” post with their friends and professional contacts. This mixes social media with both personal and professional referrals for a greater impact.

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