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4 Ways to Ensure You Get the BEST Candidates Applying to Your Jobs

You know your employees are one of your business’s most valuable assets. So, how can you encourage top talent to try out for your team? Here are 4 ways to ensure you get the BEST candidates applying to your jobs.

Strategies to Attract the BEST Candidates

  1. Write Better Job Descriptions

    According to Harvard Business Review, organizations often miss the chance to attract top talent by writing, or even recycling, lackluster job descriptions. Think about this. If your company doesn’t prioritize job descriptions, candidates are going to wonder where else you are cutting corners. Start the hiring process by conducting a thorough job analysis. To find the right person, you need to understand exactly what you want that individual to accomplish. Next, clearly outline requirements (including education, skills, certifications, and experience) as well as responsibilities. Finally, keep in mind, job descriptions should not only define the position but also capture an applicant’s interest. Thus, remember to highlight perks such as an innovative product line, a fantastic corporate culture, competitive benefits and more.

  2. Sell Your Brand

    There are certain companies where most people would LOVE to work. Apple, Disney and Zappos may come to mind. So, what do these organizations have in common? Often, their popularity begins with a strong employee brand. In other words, they have a reputation for being an amazing place to work. As a result, top candidates are willing to line up to get in like it’s a sold-out Broadway show.

  3. Nurture Relationships

    Let’s say you’re interviewing. You have two wonderful applicants, but unfortunately, you can only hire one. Rather than letting your second-choice candidate disappear forever, stay in touch. Connect with this person on LinkedIn and/or add them to your mailing list. Then, the next time you have an appropriate job opening, reach out and ask if they would like to apply. After all, you already KNOW they are a good fit. Use the same tactic for people you meet at job fairs and conferences. Of course, building a talent pool takes time and effort. However, you’ll go into the hiring process with higher-quality and pre-vetted candidates.

  4. Be Creative

    When your organization has an open position, what do you do? Post to the job boards and hope for the best? Guess what? That’s what other companies do too. So, in the long term, you’ll get average results. Therefore, consider broadening your recruiting efforts. Advertise openings on your social media feeds and encourage your team to reshare them. Connect with upcoming graduates at career fairs. Ask for referrals from employees, friends and families. And/Or, partner with a staffing agency to extend your hiring reach. The more methods you use, the more quality candidates you’ll be able to attract.

Would You Like to Get the BEST Candidates Applying to Your Jobs?

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