Why Building Your Employer Brand Is More Important Than Ever

You’ve probably heard companies talk about their employer brand. So, what does it mean? And why is building your employer brand more important than ever? 

What Is an Employer Brand? 

Your employer brand is your reputation as an employer. This includes how potential, current, and past employees view your businessIn other words, it’s the answer to the question, “What’s it like to work at XYZ company?” This may encompass day-to-day management, organizational values, and workplace culture.  

Why Is Building Your Employer Brand More Important Than Ever? 

You Need to Efficiently Recruit Top Talent 

For businesses without a strong employer brand, the hiring process might look something like this. They advertise for an open position, wait for applications to trickle in, shuffle through a pile of mediocre resumes and bring in the best candidates for an interview. Only no one quite fits their requirements, so they’re forced to start over again. Think of the wasted time, energy and resources. Plus, they still haven’t found the right personBut… what if your organization had highly qualified applicants lined up at your door eagerly awaiting the next opening? Does this sound too good to be true? It’s not. Look at companies like Google, Salesforce and Zappos. They all have a strong employer brand. Everyone knows they are great places to work and they can’t wait to get in. 

You Need to Keep Your High Performers 

High turnover can damage any organization. According to some estimates, replacing a single employer may cost employers as much as 33 percent of that worker’s annual salary. Why is it so expensiveFactor in the time and money required for recruitingadvertising, interviews, hiring, onboarding, training and lost productivity. Not to mention, when employees leave, they take their knowledge with themTherefore, losing a high performer could be devastating. To keep the talent you have, you want your current employees to consider you a top-notch employer. 

You Need to Stay Competitive in an Uncertain Economy 

Of course, assembling and maintaining a strong team is only part of the battle. You also want your employees to be committed and engagedKnowing they are working for a great organization (that other people can’t wait to join) pushes employees to maximize their productivity and creativity. This, in turn, allows your company to become more profitable and financially stable even during turbulent times. 

How Can Your Business Improve Its Employer Brand? 

Developing a strong employer brand isn’t easy. You’ll need to 1) clearly define your organization’s mission, values, and culture2) market your brand to current and future employees, and 3) reevaluate as neededMany companies appoint a chief branding officer to oversee this ongoing process. 

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