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Can You Get a Job Without a Resume?

You’re looking for a job, but you don’t have a resume. Writing one seems likes lots of work. So, can you get a job without a resume?  

In short, the answer is yes. It’s possible. Nevertheless, in most cases, having a resume works to your advantage. 

What Jobs DON’T Require a Resume? 

You can land many entry-level positions by simply submitting an applicationExamples of jobs that often don’t require a resume include waiters/waitresses, cashiers, customer service representatives, landscapers, delivery drivers, security guards, and warehouse workers. In additionsome companies won’t ask for a resume if they have a connection with you already. For example, if you volunteered or completed an internship at an organization, they may (or may not) skip this part of the application process. 

Why SHOULD You Have a Resume Anyway?  

  • You’ll Find a Better Fit 
    Although you probably think resumes only benefit employers, they help you too. Ultimately organizations use your resume to evaluate how well you would fit into a roleAfter all, you may be over or underqualified. Of course, this could mean you won’t get a particular position. However, it’s better to land the right job the first time rather than ending up in something that’s too easy or too hard.  
  • You Could Make More Money 
    Let’s say you apply for a warehouse job. After looking at your resume, the hiring manager realizes you are forklift certified, and you recently coordinated a safety team that decreased accidents by 50 percent in two months.” Guess what? Your resume automatically launched you from an entry-level to a mid-level pay rate. 
  • You Can Track (and Guide) Your Career 
    Recording your experiences shows you where you’ve been and where you might like to go. You can often gain insights into your career just by looking at a list of your accomplishments. What went well? What didn’t go well? And what might be your best path for the future?    

How Do You Write A Resume?

  • Make a List of Skills and Experiences 
    Start with a brainstorming session. Pull out a pen and paper. (Your computer or phone will work too.) Write down your educational credentials, certifications, and skills, as well as any work and/or volunteer experiences.  
  • Find a Resume Template 
    Unless you’re naturally artistic, there’s no need to design your own resumeSearch for “free resume template” to choose from hundreds of stylesWhen in doubt, a basic format without photos is your best bet.   
  • Ask for Advice 
    Especially if this is your first resume, ask for help. Most secondary schools and colleges provide resume assistance through their career centers. Or, if this isn’t an option, call your local employment agencyUsually, recruiters provide free resume services too. 

Are You Having Trouble Getting a Job Without a Resume?

Halpin Staffing Services is here for you! We place professional and industrial candidates throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern IllinoisOur experienced recruiters would be happy to review your qualifications and match you with the right positions… even if you’re still working on that resume. Contact us today to learn more! 



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