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Signs Your Job Expectations Are Set Too High

You can’t seem to find a job you like. So, what’s the problem? Are you picking the wrong positions? Or are your job expectations set too high?

Your Job Expectations May Be Too High If…

  • Your Dream Job Is Too Dreamy
    What if… you could work a few hours each week, have everything work out perfectly, and earn millions of dollars? Wow! That sounds fantastic! The only problem is we all know this job doesn’t exist. Sure, real-life roles can be fun, profitable, and sometimes glamorous. However, the rest of the time, they usually include stress, demanding work, conflict, and a less-than-one-million-dollars paycheck.
  • You’re Always Excited About Your New Job… At First
    It true. New jobs can be exciting. In fact, research shows our brains crave novelty. As a result, you may LOVE every new position at least for a few weeks. And then, when the excitement starts to fade, you end up bored and unhappy.
  • Bad Days Bring You Permanently Down
    You had one of those days at work. You argued with your boss, you dealt (unsuccessfully) with a difficult client, and you couldn’t finish a project. That’s it. Your job is the WORST. Rather than admitting it was just a single bad day, you immediately jump into looking for something new.

How to Set More Realistic Expectations

  • Define Your Real-Life Dream Job
    You deserve to find a position your like or even love, BUT you need to be realistic. Pull out a piece of paper and brainstorm the qualities of your perfect role with restrictions. For example, unless you can find a company offering a reduced workweek, you’ll need to log forty hours. Also, your pay will be dependent on your skills and experiences. (Use sites like Glassdoor and Payscale to calculate your worth.) And as for stress and aggravation, those tend to creep into all jobs at some point.
  • Work to Keep Your Job Interesting
    Under the best of circumstances, it’s difficult to maintain the excitement of those first few days in a new job. Nevertheless, you don’t have to fall into a dull routine either. Look for ways to keep your role challenging and energizing. Make it a point to meet new people, participate in professional development and tackle stretch assignments. By being proactive, you’ll be able to create the position you envisioned.
  • Admit You Won’t Love Your Job EVERY Day
    Everyone has bad days at work. That’s right. Even the most famous entrepreneurs experience setbacks. Therefore, it’s important to recognize the difference between a bad day and a bad job. If you’re not sure where you stand, give your workday a grade every day for a month. Then, take an average. Depending on the score, you may decide to stick things out or begin looking for something different after all.

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