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3 Tips for Creating Better Professional Relationships

What if you got along well with your co-workers? In most cases, it probably would make your job easierFollow these three tips for creating better professional relationships and, therefore, a better career.     

Make a Commitment to Relationship Building

We all know developing a meaningful relationship takes time and effort. In other words, you can’t bring in donuts once and assume everyone will love you forever. As a result, you’ll need an ongoing game plan

Essential elements include: 

    • Getting to know your co-workers 
    • Being respectful 
    • Listening 
    • Showing empathy Offering to help 
    • Responding constructively to feedback 
    • Controlling your temper 
    • Celebrating other’s accomplishments 
    • Saying “Thank You” 
    • Performing random acts of kindness 

If this list seems overwhelming, don’t worry. Remember, the process is supposed to take timeSotry tackling items individually. For example, you could start with “getting to know your co-workers.” Then, set a goal to learn three interesting facts about ten of your colleagues in the next month.   


Stay Positive

You may think your co-workers enjoy your rants or find your gloomy outlook amusing, but they don’t. Research suggests negativity is contagious. And since a bad attitude weakness your immune system and makes it more difficult for you to think, ultimately, you are bringing down yourself as well as everyone around you. (, 2016) Of course, being 100 percent happy is a tall orderNevertheless, try to look on the bright side most of the timeIf optimism doesn’t come naturally to you, use these strategies to practice positive thinking.   

Ask for (and Accept) Help

This approach may seem a little confusing. After all, to build relationships, you are supposed to help other people. However, helpfulness goes both ways. Of course, you want to be there for your co-workers, but “the real connection arises when you show that you are not perfect, and you need help.” (Medium, 2018) This means both offering AND accepting assistance creates a bond between you another person. You are willing to help each other because you like each other. This phenomenon, known as the Benjamin Franklin effect, is a smart way to develop better relationships with people who don’t seem to like you too.     


Are You Looking for More Tips to Create a Better Career?

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