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5 Different Warehouse Jobs You Can Get

You’re thinking about working in a warehouse. So, what are the possibilities? Here are five different warehouse jobs to consider.

Different Types of Warehouse Jobs

  1. Forklift Operator

    Do you enjoy running vehicles? As the name suggests, forklift operators drive forklifts in a warehouse. Besides loading, unloading, and moving materials, they also may maintain machinery and track inventory. To become a forklift driver, you must be certified. This requires a six-hour training course, a written exam, hands-on training, and a driver’s test. However, many warehouses automatically provide forklift training to entry-level employees. Knowing how to operate different classes of forklift trucks usually increases your overall earning potential.
    Average Pay: $15-$20 per hour

  2. Material Handler

    Do you like to be on the move? Material handlers, also known as warehouse associates, load, unload, and stock merchandise. They may feed/remove products to/from machines, pack items for shipment, track inventory and operate forklifts and other motorized vehicles. Although this often is an entry-level job, any additional skills or experience can lead to higher pay.
    Average Pay: $15-$20 per hour

  3. Machine Operator

    Are you interested in working on machinery? Warehouses are filled with machines. Therefore, they need machine operators to keep everything running smoothly. These professionals set up, troubleshoot, maintain and repair everything from conveyor belts to bucket elevators. If you would like to become a machine operator, look around for community college or trade school programs as well as apprenticeships.
    Average Pay: $15-$25

  4. Picker Packer

    Do you want to be the person who fills all those packages? Picker packers collect (or pick) merchandise and prepare (or pack) it for shipping. They also may track inventory, load items on conveyor belts and/or operate pallet jacks and dollies. This is a physical job requiring lots of standing, walking, and lifting. Even though this is an entry-level role, you’ll have lots of opportunities to build your skillset and advance to higher-paying positions.
    Average Pay: $15-20

  5. Receiving Associate

    Are you a super organizer? Receiving associates receive and process incoming and outgoing products at a warehouse. This position requires more inventory tracking and computer work than a picker packer or material handler. Nevertheless, a receiving associate may also assist with picking/packing, loading/unloading, and/or operating vehicles. Once again, the more experience and skills you have, the higher your pay.
    Average Pay: $15-$20

Are You Searching for a Warehouse Job?

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