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Don’t Let a Job Rejection Break Your Heart

Don't Let a Job Rejection Break Your Heart | Halpin Staffing

You felt like your resume was impressive. You thought you gave a strong interview. Unfortunately, the answer was NO. Although this may seem like the end of the world, it’s not. Here’s why you shouldn’t let a job rejection break your heart.

Why You Shouldn’t Take a Job Rejection Personally

  • Sometimes the Results Are Beyond Your Control
    Usually, when you don’t land a job, you assume you did something wrong. However, that isn’t necessarily true. Many companies advertise and interview for positions even when they have a strong internal candidate or a referral in mind. In these cases, it’s almost impossible for an external applicant to breakthrough.
  • The Rejection May Have Happened for a Reason
    You may be heartbroken because a fantastic opportunity just passed you by. Nevertheless, take a moment to reconsider your situation. Were you as qualified as you originally thought? Was the company culture truly a good fit? Those nagging questions in the back of your mind could be trying to tell you something. And ultimately, ending up in the wrong place is far more difficult than not getting the job in the first place.
  • You NEED to Move On
    Let’s say you believe you did miss out on the perfect job. Of course, that IS heartbreaking, but you can’t turn back the clock. Therefore, sitting around and feeling sorry for yourself accomplishes absolutely nothing. A better strategy is to brush yourself off and get back on your feet.

How to Overcome Rejection

  • Recognize the Pain IS Real
    Rejection HURTS. In fact, studies show rejection activates the same areas of the brain as physical pain. Thus, if you’re down and the dumps and you can’t seem to bounce back, don’t feel bad about yourself. You’re not weak, you’re human.
  • Teach Yourself to Expect Setbacks
    We live in a society focused on winning. There’s Super Bowl champions, Academy Award winners, and Olympics medalists. Yet often, we neglect to recognize the challenges leading up to those accomplishments. The road to victory isn’t easy; it’s filled with setbacks. When things don’t go your way, don’t get frustrated. Remind yourself, this is part of the journey. And if you need additional inspiration, check out these 45 famous failures who became successful people.
  • Turn So-Called Failures into Learning Experiences
    Failure isn’t fun, but in almost every failure, there’s also a learning experience. Don’t let this opportunity go to waste. Rather than beating yourself up, ask, “What do I need to do differently next time?” This attitude will both build your resilience and push you forward.

Are You Tired of Receiving Job Rejections?

Halpin Staffing Services would be happy to help you land a job you love. Our recruiters place light industrial workers, office staff, and other professionals throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois. We’ll even review your application and coach you through the interview process to increase your odds of success. Submit your resume and get started today!



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