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Is There Such a Thing As a “Perfect” Job?

You’ve probably heard people take about their perfect job. But as world-renowned physicist Stephen Hawking once said, “Perfection simply doesn’t exist.” So, how can you have a job you love without anticipating every day will be perfect?      

3 Ways Overcome the Idea of a Perfect Job

Recognize Bad Days Happen 

Even if you’ve landed your dream job, you’ll have days where things go wrong. You might make an embarrassing mistake, receive a mediocre performance review, or find yourself dealing with a difficult coworker. Rather than anticipating 100% perfectionlook at overall trends. Are you excited to go to work most days? Or, does the morning commute routinely fill you with dread? If you are generally dissatisfied, it may be time to reevaluate.    

Look on the Bright Side 

Complaining is easy, and often it comes naturally. You had to stay late… again. Your boss is giving you impossible projects. Your coworkers are annoying. Unfortunately, merely having these thoughts cause you to become more unhappy. Studies show negative thoughts rewire your brain and make it easier to have more negative thoughts. Fortunately, positive thoughts work the same. So, build your positivity muscles by searching for the good instead of the bad.     

View Your Job as a Journey Not a Destination 

Most likely, your perfect job at 21 won’t be your perfect job at 55. This doesn’t mean you need to turn into a job hopper. However, allow yourself to expand your skill set, to advance, and to grow. As American entrepreneur Mark Cuban points out, “You don’t need to find the perfect job find a job where you get paid to learn. It can be anything. It’s not a career; it’s a chance to get paid to be a freshman in the work world.”     

How to Discover Your Best Fit

Experiment with Different Options 

Sometimes a job turns out to be different than you thought. And this can be disappointing. To avoid getting stuck in the wrong place, do your research before you accept a long-term offer. Shadow someone already in the field, take advantage of internships, participate in industry-related volunteer work, or try out temporary placements. The more experiences you have, the better prepared you’ll be to define, and therefore uncover, your dream job.           

Match Your Job with Your Desired Lifestyle 

When deciding upon your dream job, think about the bigger picture. How much money would you like to make? How much responsibility do you want to have? What hours would you be willing to work? What type of work environment best fits your personality? Even if you’re following your passion, the wrong situation will make your work life miserable. For example, if you enjoy working in a factory but you’re not a morning personconsider looking into second or third shift openings.     

Are You Searching for a Close to Perfect Job? 

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