Workplace Safety- Keep Your Employees Safe and Happy

Keeping employees safe is very important today and tomorrow because it not only prevents the company from legal repercussions, but it also make the employees happy. Your employees should be viewed as assets, which is why keeping them safe while on the job should be your number-one priority at all times.


Look for Trouble

One of the best ways to keep employees safe is to look for trouble that could occur at your facility or office. This entails looking for and pointing out potential hazards to the health and well-being of your employees. When you come across a hazard or other issue, be sure to remove or rectify it immediately. This will prevent employees from becoming sick or suffering an injury while on the job.

This process includes checking safety equipment daily to make sure it works properly, that all pathways are kept clear of debris or clutter and that boxes are stacked properly so they do not fall onto furniture or people.


Create Safety Policies

Outside of state and federal safety regulations, your company needs to create safety policies to keep workers secure and happy throughout the year. These policies should clearly outline what employees need to do to stay out of harm’s way, to operate their job safely, and how to report any potentially dangerous practices or equipment through the necessary channels.


Remove Burden for Employees

For those companies that operate in the manufacturing or industrial industries, you should lessen the burden on employees. Back, neck and knee injuries become a common problem when employees are required to lift heavy objects frequently. An excellent way to keep these employees safe and happy is to promote better practices for them. Take time out of the day to train these employees on back-friendly practices and movements. You can also decrease the weight of packed boxes by assigning two workers to a lifting job to share the weight and by using mechanical equipment to aid in lifting.


Breaks Must be Provided

As with federal law, companies must provide employees – who work a specific amount of time each day – must be given breaks from their work, whether physical or not. Employees are entitled to several 15-minute breaks and a lunch break if they work eight hours or more per day.


Employees Can Protect Themselves

Employees must also understand that they are part of the solution when it comes to safety. All employees should be taught how to protect themselves while on the job so they can take their own precautions along with the ones provided by the company.


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