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Resume Red Flags: Avoid These Common Mistakes

Writing a resume takes time and patience. This is a task that should not be taken lightly, but should be focused on over a period of several days. The more you edit the resume and look at it, the more likely it is that you will come across any issues. No matter what type of job you are trying to acquire, be sure you proof your resume and avoid the common mistakes outlined in this post.


Grammar and Typo Errors Unacceptable

The most common resume mistake is that of the typo or grammar error. With today’s technology, there is absolutely no reason for a typo or spelling error on a resume. Candidates can use spell check in Word, a thesaurus, and other online aides to help proof a resume. It is also best to have someone else look at the resume because two sets of eyes are better than one. Someone who is not familiar with what you wrote will be able to see any mistakes you have made in it.


Incorrect Information

Many job candidates will have their resumes thrown in the trash by potential employers when incorrect information is found on the resume. Incorrect information can include the wrong employment dates for a job, the wrong name of a reference, the wrong telephone number of a former company and much more. Even if you wrote down the wrong job title from a previous company, this can lead to your resume being tossed before you even receive a courtesy phone call.


Using One Resume for All Job Applications

Another common resume mistake is submitting the exact same resume for each job you apply to online or via mail. One resume does not fit all the jobs out there, even if you are applying for multiple jobs within the same industry. Your resume should be edited prior to each application so it matches the job. The same can be said for your cover letter. Both pieces should be tailored for each individual job for which you are applying.


Too Much Formatting

Some of the most successful resumes are the ones that have simple formatting. Never use outrageous fonts, colors, and graphs in your resume. When using bullet points, make sure they are the same size in each section and aligned the same from page-to-page. Even though this might come across as boring to most people, a resume can be spruced up with the language used. Do not repeat the same words often and use language that entices the employer.


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