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Three Strategies to Build Loyalty Among Your Employees

Building loyalty among a company’s employees is incredibly important because when they are loyal, they will stick around for the long haul. When you have loyal employees, you will notice a very small turnover rate among your staff. You will only have to fill jobs once in a while and they will recommend your company to their friends who might be considered top talent within the industry. Today, we will discuss three strategies to building loyalty among employees.

Offer Opportunities for Growth

This strategy is an obvious one, but it is also a very important one. All companies need to provide their employees with opportunities for growth if they want to see loyalty in return. When you offer employees the chance to grow with you, more than likely they will want to stick around for the entirety of their career. This can be done by mentoring younger workers, providing skills training for all employees, and assigning new tasks and responsibilities to your more experienced employees.

Flexible Work Arrangements

Another possible strategy to build loyalty is to offer flexible work arrangements. Times have changed and people have a lot more to do outside of the office. Employees want to know that their employer is looking out for their work-life balance. No one wants to sit in an office for 50 or more hours per week. Your company needs to offer flexible work arrangements that allow employees the chance to work from home, leave early or nontraditional start and end times to the workday.

Recognize Employee Accomplishments

Companies that recognize their employees’ accomplishments will notice a strong sense of loyalty within the organization. Employees want to know that their work does not go unnoticed and that their time and effort is appreciated by everyone involved. You can recognize your employees’ work with formal awards, a mention at a staff meeting, sending out a congratulatory memo to the entire company or by simply thanking an employee for a job well done. Now, if you choose to say thank you, make sure it is heartfelt and sincere, not just one done in passing.

Building loyalty among employees does not have to be a difficult task. If you use the three strategies discussed in this post, you should have no trouble at all. Contact Halpin Personnel today to speak with an experienced recruiter about employee loyalty.




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