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Quick & Qualified: Using a Staffing Firm Is a Smart Idea

Perhaps your organization has thought about partnering with an employment agency, but you aren’t sure. Is this a smart idea?

Staffing firms offer significant advantages to businesses of all sizes. They can quickly fill open positions with qualified workers and, ultimately, save your company time and money. Three top benefits include:

Streamline Recruiting
Sorting through resumes, interviewing underqualified candidates, and then starting over pulls your team away from their everyday jobs. An employment agency can take the busywork out of hiring so you can focus on running your business. Staffing firms know how to attract top applicants through a variety of talent streams. Plus, they keep large databases of both passive and active candidates. They can present you with a handful of the most talented individuals whom you might not have found through job boards alone.

Cover Busy Seasons
If your business experiences seasonal surges, you may need to increase and decrease your workforce to remain efficient. Unfortunately, recruiting, hiring, training and terminating temporary staff can be an enormous drain on your company. This is where an employment agency comes into play. Staffing firms continuously employ talented and qualified temporary workers. These temporary employees enjoy the challenges of contract work, and they are adept at moving between organizations. The employment service will take care of recruiting, reference checks, hiring, orientation, time and attendance, paychecks and letting workers go. Since the candidates are employees of the staffing company, your organization’s sole responsibility is on-the-job supervision. If the management of a large temporary workforce produces too much strain on your regular operations, most agencies also provide on-site representatives to assist with daily administrative tasks.

Reduce Hiring Risks
At some point, your organization probably has had to deal with a bad hire. This is both frustrating and expensive. To reduce this risk, many staffing firms offer a service know as payrolling or contract-to-hire. Like associates, contract-to-hire workers are employees of the agency. Your company invites them to join your team for a set period. If they meet or exceed expectations, you can add them to your permanent staff. If they don’t work out as planned, you can simply request another trial employee. Since this is a form of temporary hire, your company doesn’t have to worry about termination, unemployment insurance or workers’ compensation. The staffing firm covers all these costs.

Is Your Business Ready for “Quick and Qualified” Hiring?

Halpin Staffing Services works with local companies as well as national corporations in southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois. We can provide your organization with comprehensive solutions to meet all your recruiting needs. Learn more about the Services we offer today.



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