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4 Reasons Manufacturing Is a Good Career Choice

Are you trying to decide what you would like to do for a livingOffice workHealth careSkilled tradesHow about manufacturing? Although often overlooked, manufacturing can be a good career choice. Here are four reasons why you should consider looking into this field. 

Skills Shortages

In September 2019, The National Association of Manufacturers reported a record number of 522,000 open jobsAnd, according to industry estimates, this number could grow to 2.4 million unfilled jobs in the next ten years. (CNBC, 2019) While this presents a challenge for companies,  it’s a fantastic opportunity for workers. After all, shortages add up to higher paychecksbetter prospects, and greater job security. 


Competitive Pay

Despite the blue-collar stereotype, manufacturing pays well. In fact, as of February 2016, the average manufacturing worker made $25.58 per hour while the average U.S. employee only brought in $21.32. Plus, the benefits don’t end at pay. In 2015, 92% of manufacturing workers were eligible for health insurance compared to 79% of employees in other industries. (, 2016) 


Opportunities for Growth & Advancement

Because of the skills shortage, manufacturing companies are eager to invest in and promote entry-level workers. A new employee may start as a general laborer, train to become an assembler, and then move up to a supervisory position. Also, many companies offer generous tuition reimbursement programs as another way to attract top employees.   


CuttingEdge Technology 

Unfortunately, many people think a career in manufacturing means mindlessly working on an assembly line until robots take over your jobNothing could be further from the truth. Today’s manufacturing plants require talented employees with strong technical skills who can quickly adapt to fast-paced and innovative environments. While they still need entry-level floor staff, they also are looking for assemblers, CNC programmers, electricians, engineers, machine operators, plant managers, technicians, tool and die, makers, welders, and more.    

Are You Thinking About a Career in Manufacturing?


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