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Frustrated by Positions That You Just Can’t Fill?

Your company is looking to fill an open position. You post multiple Now Hiring ads, but you just can’t seem to find the right person. Are you getting frustrated? Before you give up, consider these strategies.  


Revisit the Job Description 

When hiring, it’s easy to become overzealous in defining the ideal candidate. Take a second look at your job description. Are you being realistic? Or, are you trying to find someone too good to be true? In his book High Velocity Hiring, staffing expert Scott Wintrip recommends using a Hire-Right Profile to define your desired skill set clearly. The Hire-Right Profile breaks qualifications into Required versus Desired. For example, your organization may desire a CAD drafter with five years of experience, but only require a CAD drafter with proper training. Sometimes by slightly broadening your qualifications, you can discover an almost-perfect candidate who is ready to grow into the role. 

Expand Your Recruiting Efforts

Although advertising remains the most popular recruiting method, record-low unemployment rates may force your organization to be creativeIf the job boards aren’t delivering, try reposting your Help Wanted ads to your social media sites. Or think about revisiting old applications. You could undercover someone who wasn’t a good fit a year ago, but who IS a good fit now. Other innovative tactics include soliciting employee referrals, networking at industry events, providing internship programs for students, and utilizing redeploymentAnd remember, the more strategies you use, the better your chances of uncovering the perfect candidate. 

Call in the Talent Scouts

There are situations where, despite your best efforts, you will have positions that you just can’t fill. Fortunately, this doesn’t mean you’re stuck. Partnering with a staffing service is a smart way to locate those hard-to-find skill sets. Think of recruiters as your industry’s talent scouts. Since hiring is their everyday job, they have great networkers. Plus, they know the current candidate market. Recruiters can help your business discover your next outstanding employee AND convince this individual to join your organization. Rather than looking for a needle in a haystack, you’ll be running an efficient search that generates results.    


Does Your Company Need Help to Fill Open Positions? 

Halpin Staffing Services is a local full-service employment agency serving Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois. Our recruiters specialize in placing industrial and professional candidates, and we pride ourselves on our customer-focused approach. If you’re tired of unsuccessfully searching for your next employee, contact us today!  



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