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With Unemployment so Low, Are You Utilizing Redeployment?

In a tight labor market, smart companies are becoming more creative when it comes to hiring. One untraditional, but effective, technique is redeployment.

Redeployment refers to moving an employee from one job to another within an organization. Since workers receive or choose (rather than compete for) a new placement, redeployment is different from applying for a promotion.

Could redeployment be a viable talent strategy for your business? Consider these five benefits.

Support Career Development

Redeployment allows an organization to put a culture of learning into action. For example, the online eyeglasses retailer, Warby Parker believes all employees are capable of mastering more than one role. They call this philosophy: Learn, grow, repeat. In his WorkLife podcast, host Adam Grant recounts the story of an administrative assistant at Warby Parker who, as a side project, successfully debugged an app. The company not only created a path for her to become a software engineer, but also provided the necessary time, space and resources.

Maximize the Potential of Your Employees

When an organization encourages mobility, no one feels chained to their job title. Workers are more likely to push themselves and discover hidden talents. This, in turn, can allow a company to move a productive employee from an entry-level position to one requiring a more complex skill set.

Retain Top Talent

Only four in ten millennials and three in ten Generation Z workers believe they have the knowledge needed for them to thrive. (Forbes, 2018) Nevertheless, many organizations are reluctant to invest in employee training and/or professional development. However, motivated individuals are eager to tackle new challenges and leap into new roles. If they believe there is no room for learning or growth at a job, they will start looking for other opportunities.

Avoid Layoffs

Even with employment rates at historically low levels, budget cuts, mergers or restructuring may cause companies to let go of high performers. This can be especially problematic because once the dust has settled, these same businesses often end up needing to find more workers. Rather than handing out pink slips, try redeploying employees instead. Of course, this may require time, training and money, but calculate the savings too. Your organization keeps workers with proven track records who have a current understanding of your industry and your company. And, you avoid higher unemployment insurance rates as well as the costs of recruiting, screening and hiring new employees.

Build Your Company’s Reputation

By embracing the concept of redeployment, your business displays a long-term commitment to your workers and their career development. People are going to WANT to work for you. Your innovative retention and professional growth solutions will attract outside candidates, while your current employees will feel valued, challenged and optimistic. Ultimately, this leads to larger talent pools, easier hiring, greater engagement, lower turnover rates and higher productivity.

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