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Interview Going Poorly? Turn it Around With these 3 Tips

You’re having one of those interviews. Things are not going well, and you know it. Is there anything you can do to redeem yourself?

Sometimes a job simply isn’t meant for you. However, don’t give up mid-interview. Use these three tricks to help turn an interview around, or at least leave a more positive impression.

Stay Engaged

Most likely, you’ll know when an interview is going badly. Your interviewers may seem distracted, bored or impatient. They may cross their arms, loose eye contact or stop taking notes. Even if your potential employer seems to have written you off, show you have grit and see things through. Remain focused and enthusiastic. Lean forward to display your interest, smile and project energy. Although it’s best if everything goes smoothly from the start, overcoming a bad beginning can work to your advantage too. After all, if you can win back your audience, you just displayed your ability to stay calm under pressure and to succeed despite challenges. Most employers recognize the value of adding that kind of resilience to their team.

Ask Questions

Too often, interviews follow a question/answer, question/answer format. This type of exchange doesn’t follow natural speaking patterns, so it usually feels awkward. Plus, if someone is asking the same questions ten or more times a day, you can understand how the process can become repetitive and dull. Make things more interesting by treating the interview like a conversation instead of an interrogation. Try ending some of your answers with a question to create a back-and-forth rather than a one-way exchange. For example, after responding to, “What are your greatest strengths?” you could inquire, “What are the two to three skills you feel are essential for succeeding in this role?”

Change Tactics

When you are preparing for an interview, plan to give specific examples of your experience and qualifications, and you should think of back-up stories too. Your summer internship in Italy may have been amazing, but your potential employer may feel your part-time job with the company down the road is more applicable. Watch how your interviewers respond to your answers. If they’re paying attention, elaborate. If not, switch to another topic.

Finally, keep in mind, interviewing is NOT easy. You may have thoroughly prepared only to face obstacles beyond your control such as a preselected internal candidate or a poorly written job description. Sometimes you simply have a bad day. Regardless of the circumstances, don’t beat yourself up. Lots of people bomb interviews (even if they aren’t willing to admit it). Look at your experience as a chance to learn from your mistakes. Next time, you’ll do better.

Are You Struggling with Interviews?

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