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Feeling Overwhelmed by Your Job Search?

If you lost your job during the COVID-19 crisis, you might feel overwhelmed. After all, how are you supposed to find a new position with unemployment rates spiking into the double digitsTake a deep breath. You can do this! Use these tips to launch a successful job search and get back to work. 

Complete One Task Every Day

Especially if you haven’t looked for a job in years, you may have NO idea where to begin. So, start with a list. What do you need to do? 

  • Update your resume 
  • Search for open positions 
  • Revise your LinkedIn profile 
  • Apply for jobs 
  • Prepare for interviews 

Are you still feeling overwhelmed? Don’t worry. This IS an ambitious list. However, you can break items down into more manageable pieces.  

For example, to update your resume, you’ll need to… 

  • Research resume writing tips 
  • Create a draft  
  • Edit and format your document 
  • Ask friends/family for feedback  
  • Make corrections 

Next, set aside an hour or two each day and tackle one item from your expanded list. And guess what? If you hold yourself accountable and stick to your goals, you’ll be well on the way to finding a new position within less than a month. 

Don’t Job Hunt Alone

You may have a do-it-yourself attitude. You may even have found your last position all by yourself. Nevertheless, there’s NO reason to isolate yourself now. Your family, your friends and your extended network will all be happy to assist and support you. And you may be surprised to learn who has connections with top companies. In addition, take the time to get in contact with staffing serviceRecruiters can offer professional job-hunting tips and match you with the best-fit roles. Plus, since staffing firms charge companies, not job seekers, you can receive all these services for FREE.   

Stay Busy

Losing a job or being unemployed can take a heavy toll on your mood, relationships, and overall mental and emotional health. (HelpGuide.orgTherefore, your first instinct may be to sit on the couch all day and feel sorry for yourself. Although this reaction is understandable, it’s also unhelpful. As Kitty Martini and Candice Reed write in their book, Thank You for Firing Me! “The trick is to move! Action creates more action. By doing something every day, you will slowly be moving in a different direction.” Of course, you’ll need to spend a few hours each day on your employment search, but then find something else to do. Get in shapetake on online class, volunteer, or try out a temporary job. The busier you are, the greater your chances of discovering unexpected opportunities.  

Are You Feeling Overwhelmed by Your Job Search?

The recruiters at Halpin Staffing Services would be happy to help. Halpin places general laborers, warehouse associates, skilled trade workers, administrative staff and other professionals with top organizations throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern IllinoisWe know companies that are hiring NOW! Browse our available openings and find your next job today! 



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