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Is January the Best Time of Year to Find a New Job?

Maybe you were laid off in 2020? Maybe you’d like to advance your career in 2021? Or maybe you’re simply looking for something newWhatever your reasons, you are ready to job hunt. So, is January the best time of year to find a new job? Here’s what you need to know. 

Why January IS the Best Time of Year to Find a New Job 

  • Companies Are Hiring
    With so many people taking vacation time in November and December, many businesses postpone hiring until January. They wait until everyone is back in the workplace before making staffing decisionsIn addition, many organizations start the new year with new goals and new budgets. This can give them an extra incentive and/or greater flexibility to add or replace positions. 
  • Lots of People Leave Their Jobs in January
    You’re not the only one thinking about your career in January. “Get a new job” regularly appears on New Year’s resolutions listsPlus, manpeople retire at the end of December or wait to collect their end-of-the-year bonus before switching jobs. And with more people moving around, there will be more openings for you to explore.  

Why January is NOT the Best Time of Year to Find a New Job  

  • You’ll Have More Competition
    Of course, those New Year’s resolutions work to your disadvantage tooJob seekers tend to flood the market in January. As a result, there will be more people applying for those open positions. 
  • January May Not Be Peak Hiring Season for Your Industry
    Although many businesses ’ first-quarter runs from January to March, other organizations don’t follow the yearly calendar. For example, most state governments end their fiscal years in June. Seasonality can impact peak hiring as well. For instance, if you’re searching for a construction job, there probably will be more opportunities in early spring than in mid-winter.   

Tips for Job Hunting in January 

  • Start Early
    Since many businesses ramp up hiring in early January, have your materials ready to goTry to revise your resume and write sample cover letters in mid-to late-December. That way, you’ll be prepared to submit your application ahead of the crowd.  
  • Use Your Network
    With more competition, you may need a bit of extra help. If you know someone who works at a company where you applied, ask them to mention your name. After all, getting your resume in the right person’s hands is the first step to landing the job. 
  • Don’t Give Up
    If January comes and goes without your job-hunting effort paying off, don’t worry. According to The Balance Careers, many companies organize recruiting efforts in January and wait until February to begin hiring in earnest. So, keep submitting those applications! What you started early in the year may not pay off until a few months down the line.  

Are You Looking for a New Job This January? 

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