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How to Get Your Employees Pumped for the New Year

The past year has been tough for everyone, but you and your team made it through. So, how can you build enthusiasm for an even better 2021? Here’s how to get your employees pumped for the new year. 

Celebrate Last Year’s Accomplishments 

Although 2020 wasn’t easy, you and your employees can still find at least one positive takeawayMaybe you overcame what once would have seemed like insurmountable obstacles? Maybe you discovered a new income stream and/or a more efficient method of doing business? Noting those wins will keep everyone’s spirits up. Consider outlining your top accomplishments in an email, highlighting them in an end-of-year meeting, or throwing a “We Made It Through 2020” celebration.   

Ask for Employee Input 

Asking for (and implementing) your employee’s ideas shows them you value their input. And this, in turn, builds morale. If you don’t already, begin sending out regular employee surveysTry switching between lighthearted and more serious topics. Sample open-ended questions may include: “What should we do to improve our break room with a budget of $1,000?” and “What are some ways we could increase our income stream?” Then, if possible, compile three to five of the best (or most popular) options and allow employees to vote for the winner. For examplewith the break room question, the choices may be “a new coffee machine,” “more comfortable chairs,” or “a free lunch day next month.”  

Set Goals for 2021 

Having something to work toward in the new year keeps everyone focused and motivated. Goals could benefit the business, your employees, or both. For instance, you may decide to increase salescreate a fitness challenge, or launch a new on-the-job training program. Of course, make sure your goals are attainable by breaking larger aspirations into SMART objectives (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, Timely). And don’t forget to track your ongoing progress with a workplace bulletin board and/or regular email updates. 

Are You Ready to Get Your Employees Pumped for the New Year? 

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