5 Tips to Get Your Resume in the RIGHT Person’s Hands

You’re searching for a job, and you’ve spent hours perfecting your application. So, how do you make sure it achieves the results you want? Start by using these five tips to get your resume in the RIGHT person’s hands. 

Figure Out Who the RIGHT Person Is

If the job posting includes the name of a hiring manager or supervisor, you’ve finished this step! Unfortunately, life isn’t always that simple. In those cases, you’ll have to do a little detective work. Begin with the company’s website. Many organizations have online directories. If that doesn’t work, turn to social media. Most people list their company as well as their title on sites like LinkedIn, Facebook, or Twitter. Look for a manager/supervisor in the division you’re hoping to join or an overall hiring/human resources manager. As a last resort, try typing “hiring manager” or “supervisor” plus the company’s name into a search engine to see what shows up. 

Send a Paper Copy

Often, applications go straight into an applicant tracking system (ATS). And without the right keywords, your resume may never make it out of an electronic database and into human hands. Indeed, you should submit your resume according to the directions providedHowever, in addition, send a paper copy directly to the RIGHT person. As job search counselor Abby Kohut points out, “While e-mail is easily forwarded or deleted, a hard copy is much more likely to be read, especially if the envelope is handwritten…” 


Use Your Network

When you’re hoping to get in touch with the RIGHT person, social media can be a fantastic resource. After all, you may know someone who knows someone who knows the hiring manager. Sites like LinkedIn will help you connect the dots. Reach out and ask for a virtual introduction. Or, if you know the first-degree connection wellask this person if they would be willing to hand-deliver a copy of your application.    


Follow Up on Your Resume

Sometimes, despite your best efforts, a hiring manager will pick up your application and then set aside. If it’s been a week or two and you haven’t heard anythingconsider following up on your resume with an email or phone call. Done correctly, this simple reminder can put your resume back in the RIGHT person’s hands.  


Partner with a Staffing Service

Even if you do everything right, your resume still could end up at the bottom of the pile. After all, some job postings receive hundreds of applications. Luckily, a staffing service can give you the extra boost your need. Since professional recruiters work directly with hiring managers, they will make sure the RIGHT people see your resume the first time around. So, you can focus on selling yourself in your next interview rather than on getting your application noticed.  


Are You Looking for More Resume Tips?

The recruiters at Halpin Staffing Services would be happy to help! We’ll review your resume, offer advice, and connect you with companies that are hiringLearn more about the advantages of job hunting with Halpin today!    

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