Are Poor Online Reviews Scaring Away Top Talent?

You’ve discovered some fantastic candidates, but in the end, no one seems interested in joining your team. Could poor online reviews be scaring away top talent? Find out what’s wrong and how to fix the problem. 

Signs Poor Online Reviews ARE Scaring Away Top Talent 

  • You Have Poor Online Reviews 
    Since bad online reviews can cause trouble, you need to know what’s out there. Top candidates will visit employerreview sites like Glassdoor and Indeed as part of their researchAnd remember, negative comments can show up on your social media channels as well 
  • Candidates Seemed Interested Then Hesitant 
    When you first approach candidates, theyre eager to apply and interview. A few days later, they’re giving you the cold shoulder. If you have negative reviews floating around, this could be the issue. After all, who wants to work for a poorly rated organization?  
  • Candidates Mention Review Comments During Interviews
    You checked your reviews, and several employees have complained about your company culture. Then, when you’re interviewing candidates, you notice many of them ask questions about… company culture. By connecting the dots, you’ll realize those online reviews ARE making an impression on your potential hires. 

How to Fix Poor Online Reviews 

  • Ask, “What’s the Problem?” 
    Even top-rated businesses have a disgruntled employee now and again. An occasional negative comment surrounded by mostly positive reviews probably isn’t something to cause you worry. However, if you have lots of negative feedback and comments focused around similar themes (low pay, poor working conditions, etc..), it may be time to re-evaluate your organization’s performance. Because to earn excellent ratings, you must first BE an excellent employer.       
  • Seek Out Positive Feedback 
    Unfortunately, people are more likely to write negative rather than positive reviews. That’s simply human nature. Therefore, you may have to do a bit of work to build up your ratingsIt’s perfectly acceptable to enlist the help of your current employees IF you approach the process correctly. For example, ask for feedback on a rolling basis instead of with a one-time email blast. This way, you won’t have a suspicious-looking surge of positive comments.     
  • Respond to Comments 
    Negative feedback can damage a company’s reputation, but ignoring those reviews is even worse. By not replying, you are sending another message, “We don’t care what you think.” Recent research shows when employers DO respond to a review, people’s perception of that business improves by 62 percent. (Inc., 2017) To react effectively, experts recommend sticking to the 3A’s. Acknowledge their thoughts, Articulate the other side of the story, and Advise how to remedy the situation. Finally, don’t limit your efforts to negativity. Replying to positive comments with a “Thank you for the compliment…” can be powerful also. 

Are You Looking for More Ways to Attract Top Talent? 

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