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Manage Your Team Like You Would Take Care of Your Garden

Spring is here! So, all those gardeners out there are starting to think about flowers and plants, fertilizer, and mulch. But did you know gardening practices apply to business too? Here’s how to manage your team like you would take care of your garden.

Choose the Right People (or Plants)

When gardeners choose their plants, they look for strong roots and healthy leaves. Of course, they may choose a slightly wilted plant and nurse it back to life. However, they understand that process will be a bit more work. Also, they stay on the lookout for mildew and pests! After all, those problems could quickly spread and damage their entire garden. These same strategies apply to hiring. You want to bring in the right people with the right credentials. Although you may be willing to train someone who’s lacking a few key skills, you recognize an unqualified and/or negative employee will bring everyone down.

Create Optimal Conditions

A gardener may buy the most beautiful plant, but it won’t thrive if they fail to provide the right conditions. Soil quality, drainage, and amount of sunlight all play a role. This holds true for employees too. You want them in the right place. For instance, let’s say someone is brilliant at interacting with customers. They should be front and center on your sales floor, not buried in the back room.

Provide Ongoing Care

Even amateur gardeners understand, throwing plants in the ground, walking away, and hoping for the best doesn’t work. They must water, fertilize, weed, watch for pests and prune. Managers play a comparable role. You need to make sure people have the necessary resources, clear roadblocks, address issues, and offer advice. And this is an ongoing process. If a gardener sees a struggling plant, they don’t wait until its next performance review. They address problems immediately.

Pay Attention to Individual Needs

Throughout the season, gardeners provide various levels of care to different plants. For example, they plant seeds in the spring, dust roses in the summer and cut back perennials in the fall. Plus, some plants like roses simply require more TLC. Yet, roses are a wonderful addition to any garden. Similarly, effective managers realize each employee is valuable and each employee is unique. A one-size-fits-all maintenance routine simply won’t produce the best results.

Enjoy the Fruits of Your Labor

Every gardener knows gardening isn’t entirely about the work. They look forward to picking that first sun-ripened tomato, creating a gorgeous bouquet, or receiving compliments on their beautiful plants. Your team probably has accomplished some amazing things too. Therefore, take the opportunity to relish successes, honor victories, and celebrate all you have achieved.

Are You Looking to Cultivate a Productive Team?

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