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How Grounded Enthusiasm Makes for a Successful Interview

You’re trying to land a new job. So, what can you do to improve your odds? Here’s how grounded enthusiasm makes for a successful interview.

What Is Grounded Enthusiasm?

According to social psychologist Amy Cuddy, grounded enthusiasm is a combination of commitment, confidence, and passion. This quality predicts drive, initiative, persistence, enhanced mental activity, creativity, and the ability to identify novel ideas. It is both contagious and an indicator of success.

Grounded Enthusiasm Makes for a Successful Interview Because You…

  • Stay in the Moment

    During an interview (or in everyday life), it’s easy to become distracted. Buddhist principles refer to this as monkey mind. Monkey’s mind is a state of being unsettled, restless, inconstant, confused, and indecisive. Here’s how this could play out in an interview setting. Rather than being 100% focused on the task at hand, your mind starts to wander. “Did I answer that question correctly? I don’t think the hiring manager liked my response. Uh-oh, what if I don’t land the job? I could run out of money and end up homeless.” Although, this sounds extreme, you can see how monkey mind quickly takes you down a negative (and ridiculous) path. Plus, while you’re worrying about what might happen, you’re missing the chance to control the here and now. Therefore, stay grounded in the moment, silence those monkeys, and pay full attention to your interview.

  • Radiate Confidence

    Also referred to as self-assured enthusiasm, grounded enthusiasm gives you faith in yourself. Those worst-case scenarios don’t haunt you. You recognize single interactions usually aren’t do-or-die events. As a result, you approach interviews with confidence. If you perform well and receive a job offer, that’s fantastic. However, if things don’t go as planned, that’s fine too. You’ll simply overcome those obstacles, and turn your so-called failures into valuable learning experiences.

  • Express Genuine Interest

    Companies want to hire people who are excited about their industry. Grounded enthusiasm allows you to highlight your passion. You aren’t responding to questions just to get the answer right. You’re genuinely trying to learn about the company and figure out how you can contribute to their goals. This, in turn, leads to engaging conversations rather than over-rehearsed and unconvincing statements.

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