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Fix Employee Absenteeism by First Fixing Your Culture

You have several employees out today… again! This trend is driving you crazy. So, what can you do? Here’s how to fix employee absenteeism by first fixing your culture.

Tips for Creating a Culture to Fix Employee Absenteeism

Provide Purpose

Larry Page, the co-founder of Google, once said, “If you’re changing the world, you’re working on important things. You’re excited to get up in the morning.” In other words, if your employees feel as though their jobs are important and meaningful, they’ll want to come into work. They’ll be focusing on upcoming projects rather than their next call-in-sick story. Of course, defining and establishing your company’s purpose requires time, commitment, and sometimes a little creativity. However, keep in mind EVERY job has meaning. Your organization may not be directly saving lives, but you are making people’s lives better in some way.

Build Team Spirit

Employees who are dedicated to their team don’t want to let their teammates down. After all, when someone calls in sick, everyone else ends up covering for them. This results in additional stress and longer hours for the people still on the job. Keep in mind though, team spirit doesn’t mean everyone needs to best friends. Just like a professional athletic team, some individuals will get along better than others. Nevertheless, they should all feel as though they are working together to achieve common goals. Parties, volunteer days, team-building events, and company-wide challenges are wonderful tactics to encourage camaraderie… while also having some fun.

Emphasize EVERYONE’s Importance

Undeniably, the CEO of an organization is important. So, what about the janitor? He doesn’t make as much money, and he’s easier to replace. Yet can you imagine what your facility would look like if the janitor(s) didn’t report for a week? When someone isn’t there, their work often doesn’t get done. Therefore, your organization needs everyone. Otherwise, why would you have hired them? There is, nonetheless, a critical distinction between encouraging people to contribute fully and demanding 100% NO MATTER WHAT. If someone is legitimately sick, they shouldn’t feel obligated to drag themselves through an agonizing day. They won’t get much done, and they’re likely to spread their germs. This, in turn, will only lead to more absenteeism. Instead, since every employee is vital, encourage them to take time off when reasonably necessary. This allows them to take care of themselves, stay healthy and, ultimately, maximize their productivity.

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