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Making the Most of Your Alumni Network

You’re looking for work, but you haven’t had much luck. Guess what? You don’t need to do everything on your own. Here’s how to find a job faster by making the most of your alumni network.

Tips for Using Your Alumni Network to Land a Job

Stay Connected (or Get Reconnected)

Most colleges and schools keep an alumni directory and/or publish a quarterly or bi-annual alumni magazine. Especially if you haven’t connected with your Alma Mater in a while, now’s the time to start sending regular updates. These updates serve two purposes. First, it’s easier for people to contact you when your information is current. Second, updates published in the magazine keep you top of mind. Many people automatically flip to alumni news to see what their classmates are doing. And it’s always possible someone could see your piece and decide to recruit or refer you for a job.

Participate in Alumni Events

Often schools and colleges hold alumni gatherings across the country. Check out your Alma Mater’s website for an event near you. This could be a fun evening of both socializing and networking. Or, if you prefer lower-key events, consider online forums. These allow you to get to know people and make connections from the comfort of your own home. On the other hand, if you’d like to take your alumni networking to the next level, consider serving as a volunteer for your class. Alumni associations are in constant need of alumni representatives, reunion chairs, fundraisers, and even guest lecturers.

Search for Fellow Alumni on Social Media

Knowing someone at a company usually makes it easier for you get a job. For example, an internal connection is a smart way to get your resume into the right person’s hands. Don’t waste this opportunity. Discovering if one of your fellow alumni works at a company where you’re applying takes a matter of minutes on social media. Here’s the instructions for uncovering an alumni/company connection on LinkedIn. If you realize you’re already connected with someone at a business of interest, that’s great news. However, if you don’t know the person, you can still reach out. Mention your relationship with the alumni association and say you are planning to apply at their organization. Then, ask if they would be willing to offer any insights. Hopefully, they’ll be happy to help.

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