Are These 5 Fears Keeping You from Applying to Jobs?

Searching for work isn’t easy, and it can be downright scary. Are these 5 fears keeping you from applying to jobs? If so, here’s how to conquer them.

5 Fears Keeping You from Applying to Jobs

  1. Fear of the Unknown

    When you apply for a job, you have NO idea what might happen. As Jon Acuff writes in his book Do Over, “We are afraid of the unknown. We grow stuck in the known.” The only problem is life never offers any guarantees. You could stay where you are and be unexpectedly laid off in the next week. In truth, you face the unknown every day. So, you may as well take a calculated risk and send out those resumes.

  2. Fear of Failure

    Many of us automatically play the worst-case scenario game. It sounds something like this. What if I apply for a job and bomb the interview? What if I accept a new job and hate it? Yes. These things could happen. However, don’t forget to consider positive scenarios too. What if you land a higher-paying job you love? Every time you hear yourself asking, “What if I fail?” counter with “Well… what if I succeed?”

  1. Fear of Rejection

    Unless you’re unusually lucky, you’ll hear the word “NO” at some point during your job search, and that hurts. In fact, studies suggest rejection activates the same regions in the brain that physical pain does. Yet, even though the pain is real, you don’t have to give this fear power over you. By recognizing the causes of your emotions and controlling your responses, you can learn how to use rejection to your advantage.

  2. Fear of Change

    If you do find a new job, you’ll have a different schedule, different coworkers, and different responsibilities. Is the thought of these new experiences causing your brain to seize up in terror? If so, you’re like most everyone else in the world. Research shows regular routines allow our brains to take shortcuts while change forces our brains to use more energy. So, guess what our brains want us to do? That’s right. Your brain is encouraging you to take the easy, change-free route regardless of whether it’s in your best interests. Once again, you’ll need to understand and challenge these default human behaviors to move forward.

  3. Fear of Asking for Help

    Many of us have an independent spirit. We like doing things all by ourselves. If this sounds like you, you probably HATE the idea of asking for help. Nevertheless, seeking out assistance doesn’t mean you’re weak. It means you’re smart. Friends, relatives, coworkers, and acquaintances can not only offer emotional support, but also provide referrals and recommendations. And all these connections will allow you to land a job faster.

Are You Ready to Conquer Your Fears and Find a New Job?

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