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Is It Time for In-Person Interviews Again?

During the pandemic, many companies switched over to phone or video interviews to limit social contact and keep everyone safe. So, should you keep interviewing virtually? Or is it time for in-person interviews again?

Why It’s Time for In-Person Interviews

  • People Are Beginning to Socialize Again
    According to Jobvite’s 2021 Job Seeker Nation Report, 69% of those surveyed said they would be comfortable with an in-person interview. With increased vaccination efforts, many people are eager to resume their pre-COVID lifestyles. Therefore, a regular interview seems like part of the return to normal.
  • Virtual Settings Can Be Limiting
    Virtual meetings provide several benefits, but there are drawbacks too. When you’re physically in the same room with someone, it’s easier to interpret emotions, read body language and build rapport. Thus, in-person interviews could lead to a more accurate analysis of a candidate’s personality.
  • Candidates Will See Your Organization in Action
    Similarly, seeing a company through a computer screen isn’t the same a being there. When candidates visit your site, they can feel the energy, strike up conversations and see the business in action. This will give them a truer sense of your culture.

Why Virtual Interviews May Be a Better Option

  • Some People Are Still Scared
    Even though the United States has made some progress toward stopping the spread of Coronavirus, variants still pose a threat. As a result, some people continue to be afraid. This especially is true for those at higher risk and/or those with young families. Although the vaccine is effective, it’s not a 100% guarantee. Additionally, currently, shots are not approved for children under the age of 12.
  • Virtual Interviews Can Be More Cost-Effective
    Despite the lack of in-person interaction, many organizations found they preferred virtual interviews over traditional methods. Often, virtual interviewers proved to be easier to schedule, shorter, and all-around more efficient. Plus, some businesses who, in the past, covered candidate’s travel expenses discovered virtual options were much cheaper.
  • You’ll Pull from a Larger Talent Pool
    Whereas in-person interviews restrict you to local candidates (or those willing to travel), virtual interviews offer you the world. Especially if you’re open to remote employees, you can extend your recruiting efforts to a much larger talent pool. After all, your ideal candidate may live hundreds of miles away.

Which Type of Interviews Should You Use?

Ultimately, your organization will need to decide what system works best. However, at least for now, many businesses are using a hybrid model. For example, if a candidate lives far away, it makes sense to conduct their initial interview virtually. Also, it’s important to analyze the success of both in-person and virtual interviews. Depending on your industry, your process, and your hiring team, you may find one method produces superior results.

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