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Why Getting a New Job Is Scary

You’re not happy in your current position, and you probably should look for something else. The problem is the idea of job hunting makes you feel panicky. So, maybe you’ll just stay where you are. If this endless loop sounds familiar, you’re not alone. Here’s why getting a new job is scary and what you can do about it.

Reasons WHY Getting a New Job Is Scary

  • Change Is Intimidating
    Even if you don’t love your current situation, you DO know what to expect. You’re used to the routine and the stability of your day-to-day life. Tackling a new job throws you into the unknown. Sure, you realize things could be much better. However, the change-resistant part of your brain will convincingly whisper, “Hey. What if it’s worse?”
  • Failure Is Frightening
    Now add another layer to your natural fear of change. What if you change course and THEN you fail? This is where your imagination quickly leads you down a ridiculously negative road. The story may sound something like this. “What if… you apply for a job and don’t get it. Meanwhile, your boss finds out you were job hunting. She gets mad and fires you on the spot. You immediately run out of money and end up living on the street.” Of course, this narrative sounds outrageous, but deep down, it scares you too.
  • Rejection Is Terrifying
    You may be able to defeat your fear of change and your fear of failure, and then along comes rejection. According to Psychology Today, “rejection is one of our deepest human fears.” Experts believe this links back to our prehistoric days. Cavemen who were cut off or rejected from the tribe weren’t likely to survive alone in the wilderness. Although this no longer applies in modern society, it’s still difficult to fight against those natural instincts.

How to Overcome Those Fears

  • Set Job-Hunting Goals
    To keep your brain from distracting you with silly stories, focus on setting goals and deadlines. When you’re busy writing your resume or preparing for interviews, you won’t have time to dwell on worst-case scenarios. So, instead of letting your mind hold you back, you’ll be moving forward.
  • Redefine Failure
    There’s a difference between failing and being a failure. Everyone has setbacks, yet successful people don’t let those mistakes permanently drag them down. Instead, they turn their so-called failures into learning experiences that propel them forward. This process isn’t easy or fun, but it IS possible.
  • Build Up a Resilience to Rejection
    As with failure, no one enjoys rejection. Nevertheless, it is manageable. Recognize that despite your caveman-based fears, rejection doesn’t equal certain death. Practice taking educated risks so you can get better at receiving, accepting, and shaking off those unpleasant No’s. The process will become easier over time.

Are You Ready to Get a New Job?

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