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You Aren’t Converting Top Talent & Here’s Why

You’re in the process of recruiting an amazing candidate. They seem interested, and you think they’d be a wonderful fit. Then, unexpectedly, they walk away. What went wrong? Here are five reasons why you aren’t converting top talent.

Things That Chase Job Candidates Away

Lack of Communication

Is your candidate sitting around wondering when you will call and what happens next? If so, you are putting your organization at a disadvantage. You should assume top talent will be pursuing other prospects. And when they don’t hear back from you, they’ll move on to the next opportunity. Therefore, keep applicants in the loop from the moment they submit their paperwork until the moment you make your decision. Additionally, be sure to deliver bad news as well as good in a timely fashion. Even though people will be disappointed when they don’t get the job, they’ll appreciate your prompt follow-through.

A Complicated Application Process

No one likes time-consuming and unnecessary procedures. Of course, you want to evaluate your candidates thoroughly. However, over-evaluating them wastes their time and yours. Carefully consider each part of your hiring process. What’s necessary? What could you drop? For example, do you truly need to run five interviews, or would two be enough? Remember, every time you add a step, you’re likely to lose some people.

Limited Scheduling Options

You’d like to see an applicant tomorrow at 8 o’clock sharp, but they’re not available. OK. How about 9? Three emails later, you still haven’t settled on a time. And now the candidate isn’t responding. Your interview scheduling process just becomes a hassle… for everyone! Most people have busy lives, so offer slots on different days and times of the day. Also, if possible, use interviewing scheduling software to avoid the frustrating back-and-forth phone calls and emails.

Little or No Explanation of Company Values

Talented candidates aren’t simply looking for a job, they’re hoping for impactful and meaningful work. As a result, they’ll what to know more about your employer brand. Throughout the application and interview process, address questions such as: Why does your organization exist? What are your top priorities? and What’s it like to be a part of the team?

An Unpleasant Interview Experience

During the interview, you’re trying to learn more about your candidate, AND your candidate is trying to learn more about you. Thus, pay close attention to the impressions you leave. If the interview team is distracted, disorganized, and/or rude, the applicant will assume the same is true of your company. And chances are, they’ll decide to look elsewhere. Your goal should be to design a hiring process that makes people more (not less) excited to join your organization.

Are You Ready to Start Converting Top Talent?

Halpin Staffing Services would be happy to help you find the people you need. Our recruiters place talented candidates with top companies throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois. We can assist you with everything from streamlining your application process to conducting more effective interviews. Learn more about the benefits of partnering with Halpin today!



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