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Reasons You May Want to Consider Bringing Great Temps on Full Time

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Your company has an open position, and you’re getting ready to post a Help Wanted ad. Or should you look at your top temporary employees instead? Here are three reasons you may want to consider bringing great temps on full time.

Top Reasons to Bring Temps on Full Time

Reduce Your Hiring Risks

Almost every organization has made a bad hire. After all, sometimes that candidate with the perfect resume and winning interview performance turns out to be a subpar employee. It could be the individual is a poor culture fit, a talker-not-a-doer or a resume embellisher. Luckily, hiring a temp eliminates these potential pitfalls because you’ve already seen this employee in action. You’re familiar with their on-the-job performance, and you know how they interact with your team. Therefore, it’s far less likely you’ll be disappointed when you offer them a permanent placement.

Improve Your Recruiting Efforts

Establishing your business as a “great place to work” makes hiring easier. Rather than endlessly searching for applicants, you’ll automatically have top candidates knocking at your door. However, achieving this gold-star status requires planning and effort. One successful strategy is to provide paths for your temporary workforce to become permanent. Think about this. Let’s say YOU were signing up for a temporary position. Would you rather go to a company known for frequently hiring their temps? Or a company is known for never hiring their temps? If you’re like most people, you’ll choose the placement that provides opportunities for growth. Of course, this doesn’t mean your organization must hire every contractor who walks through the door. Nevertheless, establishing a robust temp-to-hire program improves your overall reputation as an employer. And ultimately, this helps you attract a larger and more talented pool of temporary AND full-time candidates.

Maximize Productivity

Hiring temps saves your company both time and money. First, when you add a temporary employee to your permanent payroll, you eliminate recruiting costs. You don’t have to advertise, sort resumes or conduct interviews. Thus, your hiring team can focus on other important business tasks. Second, since temps are already working, they’ll require less training and instruction. In other words, you’ll be able to bring them up to full productivity faster. Certainly, many organizations still choose to interview, vet, onboard, and train temps before making them, full-time employees. Yet, this will be a more straightforward process than what you’d experience with a completely new hire. Adding up all these factors, hiring temps simply equals greater efficiency.

Is Your Business Looking for Great Temps?

Halpin Staffing Services would be happy to match you with the people you need. Our recruiters place temporary, contract-to-hire, and permanent employees with top organizations throughout Southeastern Wisconsin and Northeastern Illinois. Solve your staffing challenges with great temps. Contact Halpin today!



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