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4 Signs Your Bar Is Set Too High for Your Employees

You want your employees to succeed and even excel at their jobs. But, what if instead of challenging them, you are asking too much? Here are four indicators your expectations may be too high.  

Everyone Is Working Overtime  

Many businesses experience busy seasons or tight deadlines when everyone needs to put in some extra hours. However, if working overtime has become the norm rather than the exception, this should be a red flag. Although getting the most out of your employees seems like a smart idea, research shows productivity “falls off a cliff” after a 55-hour workweek. (CNBC, 2015)    

Emotions Are Running High  

Overworked employees are going to be tired, stressed out, and grumpy. Of course, everyone has a bad day now and then, but this will be more of an epidemic. Your normally easy-going staff suddenly may seem cynical and difficult. Be on the lookout for an increase in petty arguments and a lack of cooperation as well as other signs of frustration.   

The Quality of Work Has Declined  

When people are overextended, they are more likely to make mistakes and turn in subpar performances. You may notice sloppy assignments, incomplete projects, reduced output, and an increase in customer complaints. Once again, this won’t affect just one person but your whole team, including your superstars.  

There’s Been an Increase in Turnover  

Unhappy employees, who see no end in sight, may feel as though their only option is to leave. Hopefully, you will recognize the trouble before this happens. After all, employees who depart for better opportunities will inspire others to start looking. You don’t want to find yourself unexpectedly understaffed and short on talent.  

What Can You Do If You Suspect You Have Overextended Your Team?  

    • Ask Your Employees for Advice  
    • Looking at the business from your workers’ point of view can provide valuable insights. However, be sure to ask the right questions. If you say, “What’s wrong?” your employees will automatically respond, “Nothing.” Use more probing inquiries such as, “If you could change one thing, what would it be?” to discover the underlying causes of their issues.   
    • Re-evaluate Your Standards  
    • If you set the bar too high, figure out where you need to adjust. Did you tackle a new initiative before your team was ready? Are individual workloads unrealistic? Should you set a policy on 24/7 connectivity, so your employees have time to recharge?   
    • Develop Short- and Long-Term Solutions  
    • Readjusting your expectations takes time. Quick fixes, such as giving everyone a day off, won’t solve the problem. Nevertheless, you can put some immediate solutions into place while you work on the bigger picture. For example, you could bring in contract workers to ease the workload while you begin the process of adding more full-time staff.      

Do You Need More Employees to Get the Job Done?  

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