Should I Make a Resume on Canva?

You’re trying to create a resume with an attractive design. While searching online, you stumble across Canva. Canva advertises “free, professional resume templates to customize.” So, should you make a resume on Canva? Here’s why it may not be the best idea.

What Is Canva?

Canva is an online graphic design platform. You can use it to create business cards, logos, social media graphics, posters, presentations, and, of course, resumes. Canva offers templates, layouts, photo filters, millions of images, and hundreds of fonts as well as icons and shapes. The basic service is free, while paid subscriptions provide additional functionality.

Should I Make a Resume on Canva?

Canva works well for many projects. Especially if you don’t have graphic design experience, it’s easy to use and produces professional-looking results. When you browse Canva’s resume templates, they are impressive. There are multiple categories, and the designs are eye-catching. However, you should be aware of potential pitfalls.

What Are the Problems with Canva Resumes?

  • Lack of ATS Compatibility
    Today, most companies use Applicant Tracking Systems or ATSs to prescreen applications. This means a computer may view your resume before a person does. And those computers scan for text! Graphics, photos, icons, tables, and charts only appear as a garbled mess. So not only will your beautiful design be ignored, but also it will work against you.
  • Missing Information
    As promised, Canva’s resumes look professional. Yet, upon further investigation, you may notice missing categories and/or poorly allocated space. For example, this Black and White Minimalist Digital Marketer Resume, includes a Character References section. Generally, you don’t list that on a resume. Meanwhile, you have hardly any room to add your Expertise or Skills.
  • Limited/Difficult Customization
    Although it’s easy to plug information into a Canva resume, changing design elements presents a greater challenge. For instance, let’s go back to the Black and White Minimalist Digital Marketer Resume. You could delete Character References, move Expertise to the Character References spot and expand the Personal Profile. Unfortunately, now you’ve had to go through a considerable amount of unplanned design editing.

What Are Some Other Resume Template Options?

  • Jobscan
    Jobscan specializes in resumes that pass the ATS. Just keep in mind, this service doesn’t offer much formatting help. Thus, it works best for optimizing an existing document. There is a free version plus a paid monthly subscription with advanced features.
  • ResumeCoach
    ResumeCoach has an extensive library of professional templates. Their website walks you through the process, and you can also easily add and remove sections. Try the free version or access additional templates with 14-day and monthly paid plans.

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