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Want to Help Your Spouse Find Work?

Has your husband or wife been out of work for some time? Would you like to see them get back on track? Here’s how you can help your spouse find work.

Tips to Help Your Spouse Find Work


  • Put Yourself in Their Shoes
    Most people dread the idea of unemployment, and for a good reason. Losing a job negatively impacts not only someone’s finances but also their mental, emotional, and even physical health. In fact, studies show unemployment is linked to anxiety, depression, and loss of life satisfaction. So, put yourself in your spouse’s shoes and recognize they are going through a traumatic period. Recovering and rebuilding often takes time.
  • Offer Support
    Providing ongoing support is one of the best ways to assist your spouse. Think of yourself as their personal cheerleader. For example, you could offer to proofread their application materials or help them prepare for interviews. Similarly, if they’re open to suggestions, recommend different job-hunting strategies such as connecting with an employment agency.
  • Keep Them Busy
    Unemployment usually takes a toll on a person’s self-esteem. As a result, in addition to job hunting, try to keep your spouse busy and productive. Rather than giving them a To-Do list (which won’t improve anyone’s mood), once again, make suggestions. They could learn a new skill, volunteer at a local charity, or tackle a project they’ve been meaning to finish.


  • Nag
    Chances are your spouse feels terrible about being out of work. Therefore, nagging is aggravating (if not painful) for them and unproductive for you. After all, research confirms nagging simply doesn’t work. For better outcomes, encourage don’t rant. For instance, say “Would you be able to run a few errands this afternoon? It would really help me out.” instead of “I can’t believe you sat around all day while I worked. The least you could do is run some errands.”
  • Job Hunt for Them
    Ultimately, your husband or wife needs to retake ownership of their career. Although you should offer to help, be careful not to become overly involved. At best, too much interference is demotivating, and at worst, it could land your spouse in the wrong-fit job.
  • Let Them Wallow in Self Pity
    It’s normal for someone who’s lost their job to feel discouraged. Nevertheless, monitor your spouse’s wellbeing. If they seem to be spiraling into hopelessness, seek out additional support. A friend or family member may be able to break this negative cycle. Or, if this isn’t enough, consider a professional service. Fortunately, mental health programs have become more widely available during the pandemic, and there are numerous free or low-cost options. If you’re not sure where to start, call your health insurance provider or visit

Are You or Your Spouse Looking for a Job?

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