Don’t Dismiss Candidates Without College Degrees

Don’t Dismiss Candidates Without College Degrees | Halpin

Not everyone is meant to go to college; not everyone has the opportunity to do so. There was a time in not-so-distant history when having a degree was essential to finding a well-paying job, and job candidates without college degrees were dismissed immediately. In modern times, however, employers are starting to recognize that a degree written on a resume doesn’t necessarily prove an applicant’s readiness for a job. 

There are plenty of talented and qualified people who gain professional experience in non-traditional ways. If you’re hiring, here are five reasons why you should never dismiss candidates without college degrees.

Why Shouldn’t You Dismiss Candidates Without a College Degree

Candidates Without College Degrees are Motivated 

Potential job applicants who didn’t attend college have more drive to succeed in the workplace than those who did. Without relying on a degree to help them get ahead, such employees are willing to do whatever it takes to thrive and prove themselves. As motivated employees ensure a strong company, recruiting candidates with alternative backgrounds can help push your company forward.

Candidates Without College Degrees Make Loyal Employees

Candidates without college degrees are more likely to stay with a company longer than those with degrees. This is attributed to those without degrees traditionally struggling to find fulfilling, high-paying work and are wary of leaving once it’s found. 

Employees who are loyal to a company will work hard and will often look to better themselves to rise within an organization. They will also help the company avoid hiring, training, and recruiting expenses.

Greater Creativity and Innovation

Those without college degrees are more creative and innovative because they haven’t learned traditional ways of thinking. Such employees, therefore, can find unique solutions to problems without the worry of deviating from thought norms or distraction from previous accomplishments.

Are you looking for out-of-the-box thinkers to help your bottom line? Consider an applicant from an out-of-the-box background! 

Degrees Don’t Always Mean Skills

College degrees don’t always reflect an employee’s true abilities or potential. Also, despite popular opinion, having a degree and having job skills are two very different things. An individual with a degree can do the same tasks as someone without a degree; they may simply need more upfront assistance to get on their feet. 

Next time there’s an opening at your organization, try and keep an open mind through the hiring process. There may be a treasure trove of hidden talent in that pile of resumes for you to find.

Those Without Degrees Work Well With Others. 

Although an employee with a degree might know more about one specific topic than someone without one, the worker without a college education likely has more experience collaborating with people from diverse backgrounds and professions. 

An employee who has gone to college and studied within one specific field may lack the ability to collaborate. This is because they do not know how to work effectively with team members who specialize in different parts of one project.

In order for companies to build successful teams, it is best to have employees from various educational backgrounds because different perspectives will allow the group to produce a broader range of ideas.

Candidates Without College Degrees can and do succeed in the modern workplace. Great candidates might not have a degree but possess the work ethic to make them valuable on a job team. If you’re looking for someone with potential, consider these five reasons why hiring without a college degree is worth considering!

Are You Looking for More Employees with diverse backgrounds?

If you’re looking for a competitive edge, don’t overlook the benefits of hiring someone without a college degree. With so many candidates available to hire, there are plenty of opportunities to bring on talented people from various backgrounds.

To learn more about how this can work for your company, talk with one of our specialists today at Halpin Staffing Services. We’ll help you find the best candidate and put them on a fantastic career trajectory– no matter where they began!


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