Spring Cleaning: 5 Ways To Clear Your Mind From Work Stress

Spring Cleaning: 5 Ways To Clear Your Mind From Work Stress | Halpin

It’s that time of year! The air is turning warm, everyone wants to take their work outside, but the stress levels inside still feel high. For many employees, spring can be an endless cycle juggling family, hobbies, and meeting quarterly deadlines while trying not to go completely nuts! Sometimes it feels like all you need at the end of each day is a break from your desk, to clear your mind from work stress- but that break never seems to come. 

Maintaining good mental health isn’t always easy for the modern worker. Implementing small habit modifications over time can help reduce professional stresses, allowing one to “clean their plate” and improve life. Here are 5 ways to clear your mind from work stress this spring.

How Can You Clear Your Mind From Work Stress?

1) Clear your Weekends to Clear your Mind

On the weekends, try and forget about work-related responsibilities. You’re off the clock!. Turn off your phone if you can, as well as other technologies that distract you from enjoying the moments with those closest to you. Do something engaging and try to be fully present, the weekend is only two days, after all!

2) Zero Technology Hobbies

Take up a new interest or hobby that requires zero technology, initiate a “technology detox” of sorts, and use that time to learn a fun new skill.

Many local recreation centers offer art, dancing, and even archery lessons to fix your mind on things other than work. If you’re more of a watcher than a do-er, why not drop into an art gallery or shop where there’s no pressure to buy! If it has been years since you picked up a book, make yourself go to the library!

Such ideas can open you to entirely new worlds and reset your mind from the pressures of your profession. 

3) Think Forward to Forget About Work Stress

The next way to clear your mind from work stress is to plan a trip! Use your imagination and envision yourself in a new destination. If you can’t afford to get away, plan a day where you can explore places around you that are off the beaten path or go back to a place where you always wanted to spend more time. 

Sometimes simply having something extraordinary to look forward to and daydreaming about its occurrence can be enough of an escape to get you through a demanding workday. 

4) Clear Your Mind From Work Stress, Clean for Spring

While working at home can be extremely rewarding financially and emotionally, our homes often become cluttered, adding to the anxiety already felt from work. Take some time this spring to clean out excess “stuff” in every room of your house. Organize closets, drop clothes off at Goodwill, ask for help from friends and family to pile up all things that can be recycled or used for future projects.

If your work is office-based, take a bit of time every day to de-clutter there also. Clear your desk, empty that filing cabinet, empty the waste paper basket, give yourself the gift of a clean slate! Your mind and work performance will thank you!

5) Take Time to Smell the Flowers

Do you have any flowers on your desk right now? If not, get some. Spring is a time for new beginnings, and beautiful wildflowers that remind us that life will go on even when the world outside gets chaotic. 

While working this spring, keep flowers somewhere insightful to help keep your mind clear from work stress. They are affordable and can be replaced with new colors, smells, and arrangements throughout the year! If you don’t have a green thumb, try having silk greenery, which looks very natural on desks or countertops!

When our minds become cluttered with stress, ideas do not flow at their true capacity, which ultimately adds more stress- even if we love what we do. Permit yourself to take care of your mind this spring by regularly letting go of work worries. Get outside, get creative, and use these 5 ways to clear your mind of work stress, and your overall well-being (and job) will improve!

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