How Are You Re-engaging Old Candidates?

How Are You Re-engaging Old Candidates? | Halpin Staffing Services

Are you looking for ways to re-engage old candidate applications in your hiring process? With the number of job applications sent every day, there is no better time than now to focus on utilizing resources already given. Staying connected with former candidates can be an invaluable asset when it comes time to start a search for new talent or roles that need filling quickly and efficiently. In this article post, we’ll walk through how business owners are finding success in reigniting their candidate engagement process and securing high-quality hires from existing sources. Read on as we review which techniques have produced positive results so far!

What Are Some Ways That You Are Re-Engaging Old Candidates?

Auto Email Sequences

One-way businesses are re-engaging old candidates is through automated email sequences. These sequences can be set up to target individuals who applied previously but never progressed in the hiring process. With the help of a digital marketing platform, businesses can send out personalized emails regularly with relevant updates and reminders about current job openings. In addition, these emails can be tailored to the individual and their past experience, making them more likely to respond.

Social Media

Another approach to re-engaging old candidates is through social media channels. By leveraging existing followers as well as leveraging new ones, businesses have been successful in engaging with former candidates by providing updates on current openings and encouraging them to apply. This strategy often utilizes influencer content, video interviews, and other forms of engagement that can help attract the right talent for the job.

Direct Mail

A more traditional approach to re-engaging old candidates is through targeted direct mail campaigns. By sending out personalized letters or postcards to those who have applied in the past, businesses can make them feel special and remind them of the opportunity they have to join their team. This method often requires more effort to put together, but when done correctly can have great success in reigniting a relationship with an old candidate that could lead to successful hiring.

Referrals & Referral Rewards

A great tip for re-engaging old candidates is through referrals and referral rewards. Offering incentives for any former candidate that refers someone else for a position encourages them to stay engaged and can help businesses find the best possible talent. This strategy often requires more time and effort on the part of the business, but when done correctly can have great results in both finding and hiring top-tier candidates.

Follow Up Calls & Reminders

Finally, businesses should also consider making follow-up calls and reminders to old candidates. This can be done either personally or through automated phone messages that remind them of the job opportunity and how they can apply. This approach often requires more effort but is a great way to reignite a candidate’s interest and make sure they are aware of current openings.

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