Using Social Media to Strengthen Your Brand

Companies use the various social media networks available today to build their brand online, which can then lead to new clients and even top talent for available jobs. When your company uses social media correctly, it can improve your reputation or create a new one altogether. By following the tips outlined in this article, your… Read More »

“Why Didn’t You Hire Me?” Answering Questions From Rejected Candidates

Filling empty positions at your company is never an easy task, especially when it must be done quickly. Human resource professionals have to sift through hundreds of resumes and applications before bringing in candidates for interviews. When the interviews are complete, the department must make the tough decision of which candidate becomes the company’s next… Read More »

Hiring for a Position, or Hiring for Potential?

When jobs open up at companies, department managers and human resource personnel have very difficult decisions to make. When hundreds, sometimes thousands, of applications get submitted, these professionals have to carefully sift through them to find candidates who fit the mold of the company. They also have a major decision to make; should they hire… Read More »

Are You Protected? Four Must-Have Workplace Policies

Working in a human resources department can be very challenging, even in the smallest of companies. In order to protect the company and the HR department, we are going to discuss four must-have workplace policies in effect. These policies should deal with social media, data protection, confidentiality, and wages.   Social Media Regulations Every company… Read More »

Four Traits of Top Employers: What Candidates Want

We all know what employers are looking for in candidates when trying to fill open positions. Do we really know what some of the top employers out there are offering candidates? What do candidates want from employers? We provide four traits of employers that candidates are looking for when applying for open jobs.   An… Read More »

The Staggering Cost of a Bad Hire

What many companies don’t realize is that a bad hire can cost more than just money. A bad hire can cost a company an estimated $25,000, with some companies claiming that it can cost closer to $50,000. Outside of just money, 69 percent of employers told CareerBuilder in a survey that bad hires even lowered… Read More »

Company Culture: Does Yours Attract Candidates?

A company’s culture has the ability to attract candidates. Now, whether those candidates are right for the company or not, is another thing. The culture of a company is very important in today’s cutthroat business world. If your company does not exude a strong culture, then it will be difficult to attract the best candidates… Read More »